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Wednesday, 17 October 2012


This is a brilliant post because I am killing two birds with one stone. The first aspect is the cotton pyjama. Every man needs to own a set of classic PJs. For the most part a good pair of cotton bottoms and a soft tee is perfect. Despite this it is always a good feeling putting on a classic set. Apart from the fact that it will be slightly warmer, a matching set of classic PJs makes you feel like a real man. I guess it is because you fathers and grandfathers wore classic PJs and this heritage has a novice appeal. There are few better feeling in the world than having a really long day, hopping in a shower, and then throwing on a pair of clean cotton PJs. The second aspect of the post is the daily pick. The pair of classic PJs that I have selected from Mr Porter are by none other than Derek Rose. Derek Rose is like the LeBron James & Kobe Bryant of sleepwear. The Savile Row based label has created the finest quality night/lounge wear since 1926. The pair I have picked are the green striped cotton pyjamas. Classic pyjamas are meant to be striped. That is what classic pyjamas are. Chose Derek Rose. Choose classic. JB 

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