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Monday, 22 October 2012


Gentleman, I am back. Apologies for the absence. Today I am starting with a winter necessity; the chelsea boot. I have wanted to post about the chelsea boot for a while now. This shoe is my winter go to if I am able to dress more casually. There are few things worse than trudging through the rain with wet ankles and cold feet. A chelsea boot offers warmth, practicality, and style. The simpler the better. The ones pictured are perfectly balanced. I am also a fan of suede CBs, although they don't do so well in the rain. Ideally you should have a black and dark brown pair. Most men are concerned that an ankle length boot will hook on the break of their pants/jeans which looks incredibly untidy. If you have pants/jeans that are the correct length this should never be an issue. Chelsea boots are versatile. Pair them with any outfit excluding a suit. My recommendation for a perfect weekend winter look is a pair of chocolate chelsea boots, good tapered jeans, a cable knit, and top off with a quilted barbour jacket. Simple, appropriate, and chic. Most men will never own a chelsea boot. You will. JB 

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