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Monday, 15 October 2012


This morning in London it was 6 degrees. It felt more like minus 66. I recently posted about men's beanies. The great misconception about beanies is that they are reserved for children and skateboarders. Certain types of beanies are indeed reserved for the types mentioned, but others are for men. Please go read our beanie post now. If you don't have time then remember two rules: First, a beanie must be always be plain, and black, grey, or navy. Simple. Rule two is that the right beanie can be worn with formal attire. There is no shame in wearing a good navy wool knit beanie with your navy suit in the morning on the way to the office (Boris Johnson knows this). When you step in the door, you take it off. Don't worry about your hair getting messed up because you are indeed a man. Just to make sure you are still presentable always have your hair clean and classically cut. The beanie I have chosen today from Mr Porter is the NN.07 hochima ribbed wool-blend beanie. It is perfectly simple, and well made. Men, wear beanies and save your ears. Buy NN.07. JB 

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