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Sunday, 14 October 2012


If you have been following our posts over the last few days then you will probably be wondering where our daily post has gone. We have still been selecting fine items from Mr Porter for you to enjoy but our daily regular post hasn't been accompanying it. The reason for this is that we felt it was time to discuss the singlehanded most important aspect of being a well-dressed man; appropriateness.

I don't care if you own 60 bespoke suits, 10 swiss watches that each cost more than your grandmother's entire life salary, or that your wardrobe resembles that of Donald Draper's on steroids. If you do not dress appropriately for the occasion all of this is as good as a luxury yacht with a hole in the hull big enough for mobydick to fit in. It is a loss. It will always be a loss. I am certain that you have seen that guy who wears a three-piece chalk stripe, tie, and new oxfords on Saturday morning standing on the side of his son's rugby match with no business affairs in site. Great, he put some effort into his appearance. But that guy will always look like a buffoon. Similarly I am certain you have also seen that guy who thought it was a good idea to sport his brand new suede driving shoes when there is enough rain outside to fill 10 communal pools. Dressing with proportion, fine materials, and complimentary color hues is only half the battle. The other, arguably more important, half is appropriateness. 

Unfortunately there is no way to oversee appropriateness. The master of the outcome is you. You alone. Sure, you occasionally might have a close friend or relative on hand who might offer some advice but for the most it is up to you. Unfortunately there are also very few rules about appropriateness I can offer except for the main two: Firstly, occasion is the master. By the time a man reaches twenty he should know what is appropriate for when. If at all uncertain, ask. Never be afraid of asking. Plus suffering the consequences of not asking are far worse that taking a slight ego blow. Secondly, the weather dictates. Granted, there are certain times where no matter how awful or hot the weather may be you need to wear a certain type of outfit. But even when this is the case, there will always be certain adjustments that can be made to accommodate the weather. More often than not, you have freedom to be the master.
I guess the singlehanded most important piece of advice I can offer is think! Think before you decide what to wear in the morning. Think about where you will be going for the day, what the forecast is etc... If you really want to be a master of appropriateness then spend an extra 5 minutes in the morning packing a duffle with some items on those days when you have more than one type of affair planned and the weather looks ominous. You can always make sure that you are appropriately dressed. It just takes a bit of thought.

The small details make the masterpiece. Dress well. JB 

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