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Saturday, 13 October 2012


Men, today from Mr Porter I have selected a windowpane check sport coat. One of the biggest problems with checked sport coats is that they more often than not are brown/olive in color. This is a problem because a brown/olive sport coat feels as though it is too country to wear in a city environment. Obviously you find great black, navy, and grey windowpane checks however when online shopping the selection is often limited and therefore it is more common to find 'countryesque' options. This sport coat is online, and is not brown/olive. On top of that it is made by Paul Smith, and is wonderfully fitted. What a great result. The Abbey slim-fit check wool blazer will be less structured than other sport coats you may own which is perfect because you would wear a light grey jacket during the day the majority of the time. Even if you do happen to wear it for an evening affair it is great to feel more relaxed for a change. The jacket has a signature Paul Smith floral detailing on the inner lining. Pair this sport coat with whatever the hell you want. You won't catch me saying that often but the structure + the color makes it superbly versatile. Get your Paul Smith on. Visit Mr Porter. JB 

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