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Monday, 6 May 2013

Brooks Brothers - The Gatsby Collection

Wow. I am finally back after a long break. I am currently in the US and let me tell you, nothing is bigger than the release of the upcoming Great Gatsby film starring Leonardo DiCaprio on the 10th of May. If you don't know already, Brooks Brothers are the official outfitters of all of Mr Gatsby's outfits. I took a stroll into a Brooks Brothers store the other day and ended up dropping far too much money on the new range. It was worth it though. The range is built around classic yet modern tailoring using bold fabrics and stripes. Listen, if you want to walk into an event this summer and leave a lasting impression then this is the range you want. If there is one item you need from this range it is the "The Great Gatsby Collection Supima® Cotton Non-Iron Slim Fit Golf Collar French Cuff Broadcloth End-on-End Striped Dress Shirt".  
This shirt with the contrast club collar is a winner. Do yourself a favor and go look at the range online. If the range is the choice of one of history's greatest playboys then it will suit you just fine. Enjoy. JB

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