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Thursday, 25 July 2013

You need a new pair of winter boots

Hello to everyone. It's been a while. I have just spent a sizeable amount of time in Italy. In one word, wow! I'm not sure how the Italian people got such a flair for style and creating beautiful looks but regardless it is a visual pleasure to walk through the streets and people watch. Keep following and I will bring you close to being the best dressed man in the room. Very close. So summer will slowly begin to wind down here in the northern hemisphere in the near future. It's time to stop thinking about those cuffed shorts and linen shirts and focusing a bit on you upcoming fall and winter wardrobe. As a general rule aim on purchasing a new winter coat every 3-4 years, a pair of winter boots every 2 years, & scarf every year. If you take care of your items, eventually you will end up with a brilliant collection. For this upcoming winter these are my boots of choice: the Jimmy Choo Bryant waxed toe chelsea boot. Jimmy Choo, one of the world's finest shoe & leather houses, reintroduced a men's shoe range a couple of years ago. These boots are hand crafted in a beautiful rich brown suede. Crucially these boots are waxed so the suede won't suffer much damage from the winter elements. For the most part brown is always better than black. It's more versatile. It's less harsh. Even if you are wearing a predominantly black outfit, rich brown shoes will only compliment it. These boots have an elegant equestrian inspired buckle to separate them from the rest of the field. Wear them with fitted trousers or jeans and the lower half of your body will be taken care of all winter long. Find them at They are pricey, but well worth it. Take care of them and hopefully I will still see you wearing these champs in a few years time! 


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