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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Comme Des Garçons Play

Gentleman, let's spice up your polo collection. For a while now I have been quite obsessed with Comme Des Garçons new Play range. The Japanese fashion powerhouse has added a bit more commercialism and playfulness to this new 'sub brand' and I am a big fan. The range consists primarily of tees, sweats, polos, and sneakers. All extremely well made with very simple classic cuts and designs. The logo (red heart with two glaring eyes) is unique and easily recognisable yet the pieces still maintain an understated appeal by keeping the designs very simple. This polo would make a wonderful change from your regular Ralph, Lacoste, Burberry etc. polos. The great thing about good polos is that the more you wash/wear them, the better they tend to fit and look. Give Them a try.


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