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Thursday, 11 October 2012


Gentleman. THIS is a coat. I recently selected an Etro overcoat from Mr Porter, but this coat was so good it had to be my selection for today. The coat is the Sandro slim-fit wool-blend overcoat. You will often find that double breasted coats sit better. The double breast creates a flattering fit around the torso. This coat is only double-button. This is quite rare for a double breasted coat or blazer but definitely is very impressive. There will always be an elegance about items of clothing that are well made but minimally detailed. If you want a camel coat, which you definitely do, then I guarantee you will find more expense but not better. The coat will also sit at the perfect length on the leg; about two hands width below the waist. The Parisian label is exceptionally masterful at creating well-fitted, minimalistic, and flattering men's wear. Men, you NEED to own this coat. It's perfection. Stay warm. JB 

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  1. First time I visit your blog! Love it! Your pics are so beautiful!