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Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Today from Mr Porter I have selected a pair of patterned socks. These are not just patterned socks, but rather an understated accent of a well dressed man. The socks are by Paul Smith, who seems to be getting patterned socks perfectly right, and are simply called Polka-Dot cotton blend socks. If you have read my previous post about patterned socks then you will know that I find few things better than a well dressed man who is wearing an understated, but chic, suit have some bright pattern peeping out of the ankle bone. There are an ocean of well crafted pattered socks that I appreciate. With this said, the ones pictured are ranked extremely high in that ocean. Do yourself two favors today; start wearing patterned sock if you don't already and buy yourself the Paul Smith Polka-Dot cotton blend socks from Mr Porter. JB 

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