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Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Men, denim is not only for jeans and jackets. A denim shirt worn on a casual weekend with jeans or chinos is the perfect way to offer some modern chic to your style. Of recent years the denim shirt has had a revival and flooded the market. Every single high street store sells a version of the denim shirt now. But once again, you get denim shirts and then you get denim shirts. The later differs greatly from the former. The former far too often is overcrowded with detailing. It is far too distressed, there are far too many zips and studs on it, and the quality denim used is good enough to use as loo paper. Naturally, the later denim shirt is the opposite of this. Your denim shirt must be as minimally distressed as possible, not have a single zip present, and the shirt must always be a button up (no toggles or zips). The best hue for a denim shirt is lighter than the majority of jeans in your wardrobe. A lighter denim shirt takes the cowboy look out of the equation and should be similar in hue to a chambray shirt. A real denim shirt should also have a pocket on each breast. Yes, you can wear a denim shirt with jeans. The basic rule is that the denim of the shirt should be a much lighter/different color to the jeans. Never match denim, and please don't ever attempt to wear a trifecta of jeans, shirt, and jacket. You are not John Wayne. I would pair my denim shirt with some suede loafers, tan chinos, and a navy cotton blazer. When the sun turns the heat up, lose the blazer, roll up the chinos, and you will look like a smooth operator. Enjoy. JB 

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